Volunteer Projects

Altruistic people need look no further: OEG is proud to bring together those with a trade
or the ability to teach (and a desire to help others and give of themselves) – with those
in Thailand who need assistance the most. Volunteers have been and continue to be
essential in Thailand where many of those in need have no means by which to offer
reimbursement for services.

OEG’s volunteer placements involve teaching basic English to young Thai children. In most
cases, these children come from poor families, have been orphaned, abandoned, or had
various other types of traumatic experiences in their young lives. 


Projects and Locations

Baan Kru Mookda
Baan Kru Mookda, or “Teacher Mookda’s House”, is also known as The Home for Quality
of Life Development Project. It was established by Mrs. Mookda and her husband
Sungwon in 1989 in order to provide accommodation, education, and a better quality of
life for local children from nearby mountain tribes whose families were poor, abusive, or
otherwise unable to support them through school.

Baan Kru Mookda is located in the mountainous Dok Kham Tai district of Phayao province
in northern Thailand, which is situated between the provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang
Rai. Here, volunteers will teach basic English to local students while also being a positive
role model, cultural ambassador, and friend to the children living at Baan Kru Mookda.
Additional volunteer duties may include helping with day-to-day chores and other tasks
as needed.

Moo Baan Dek
Translated as the “Children’s Village”, Moo Baan Dek was founded in 1979 as an
alternative education community for Thai children who have been orphaned or come from
very poor families, some of which are also abusive. They are provided with free education,
meals, and accommodation; the expenses are covered solely by donations from within
Thailand and abroad.

Registered with the Thai Ministry of Education, the school at Moo Baan Dek offers education
from grade K – 6th for the children living there. The atmosphere and educational curriculum
are designed with consideration of the distinctive backgrounds of the children.

The village is located in a natural setting, outside of the main town in Kanchanaburi
province, western Thailand. It is situated on 60 acres of land in a lush forest on the banks
of the famous River Kwae. Volunteers at Moo Baan Dek spend a majority of their time
teaching basic English to the children (and occasionally the staff) living there. Additional
volunteer duties may include helping with day-to-day chores and other tasks as needed.

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