Teach in Thailand Professional Program
The Position

In Thailand, the ability to communicate well in English is a highly sought-after skill; for
Thai students it is a means not only of communicating with westerners, but of gaining
access to a good university and having better job opportunities.  So, as a Thai school’s
native English speaking instructor you will not only be in demand, but highly respected.

On the Teach in Thailand Professional program – as with our Standard program – your
primary goal will be to improve the conversational English skills of your students.
However, as a “Professional”, you will most likely also be expected to teach other subjects
- such as Math or Science (in the English language, of course). These days, there are many
schools in Thailand which instruct students in most or all subjects using only the English
language – no Thai. To attend one of these programs is considered prestigious for both
the student and his or her family! 

In addition to language, you will also be promoting a healthy exchange of cultures and
empathy for Thai students, teachers, and the greater community all while gaining
awareness of Thailand’s people, culture, and language through this unique immersion

Most placements are at the secondary level (grades 7–12), in schools with International,
Bilingual, English and Mini-English programs.

Teaching Hours
A typical schedule is around 20 classroom hours per week. In addition to actual time
spent in the classroom, participants are expected to devote time to class planning,
grading, faculty meetings, and some school-related extra-curricular activities. You should
expect to work about 35–40 hours a week.

Schools and Locations
Positions are available in both private and government secondary schools around the
country. Most placements will be in schools having International (subjects only taught
in English), Bilingual (subjects taught in both English and Thai), English and Mini-English
(some subjects taught in English) programs. Many of these are in the central provinces
in towns and cities near or not very far from Bangkok, but there are sometimes also
placements in the northern and eastern regions.

A note on placements:  OEG encourages applicants to let us know if you have a specific
geographic region or teaching level in mind – we will make every effort to honor requests.
  Keep in mind that availability depends on the needs of schools at the time you apply. 
That said, the schools are the actual employers, and they make the final decisions on hirings
based on their own individual preferences and requirements for teachers.  As such, OEG is
unable to guarantee that every placement request will be met.

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